Laura (soccerkicksx) wrote,


the chemistry midterm was ridiculously hard last night. i'm kind of terrified to see what i got. it was seriously 20 pages long and we only had 90 minutes. annika's first chem 3a midterm was 8 pages long and they had 2 hours. and that stuff is nowhere near as hard as 3b stuff. i pretty much hate my professor. who gives a test like that? nobody that i know actually finished. ridiculous. and, to top it off, the second question was written incorrectly in a way that completely messed me up because i thought i understood it and was trying to answer it but according to the way it was worded i was wrong, and so i spent a bunch of time trying to figure out what the hell was going on, and then more than halfway into the test a professor comes in and says that the question was wrong and it should be this way, and it turns out i was right all along. waste. of. time. i could not believe it. ugh i hate chemistry.

i tied my soccer game 1-1. i hate ties. 0-0 ties are okay, but ties with scoring just piss me off.

my parents are coming tomorrow. which should be good.
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