Laura (soccerkicksx) wrote,

i am so excited that the country came out in historical amounts to elect Obama by such a huge margin. it really is incredible, and even though 8 passing was horrible, i still am so excited. berkeley was such an amazing place to be last night. i just wish that this week wasn't the school week from hell, because it's really interfering with my joy. i'm currently running on 4 hours of sleep. it's exciting. not.

on another note,

i am honestly surprised that 8 passed. i knew it would be close but i didn't think that it would, and i am so disappointed by it. how could people be so blind? even disregarding personal feelings about gay people, it's just not right to have a law governing who can be married and who can't. i just don't understand how people can justify a yes vote without bringing religion into their argument, and the separation of church and state is (or should be) one of the fundamental grounds of our government according to the constitution. i just don't understand it. and did you know that arkansas passed a law banning gay couples from adopting children? i just don't understand. and how could people be so cruel and hateful? i know that most people are scared of what they don't know or find strange, but i can't fathom wanting to take away a fundamental right from a huge group of people. californians basically labeled gay people as second class citizens yesterday. as did arksanians. and another state that i can't remember that also passed a ban on gay marriage.

i know i'm preaching to the choir here (haha..ironic) but honestly, i just don't understand what goes on in the minds of voters. being in berkeley really shelters me from anti-gay sentiments though, i hadn't even seen a yes on prop 8 sign until i went home/to apple hill a few weeks ago. i was amazed at how many there were.

i just really hate intolerance. and i don't understand it.
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